The great Reframe

Reframing is an art. One that requires a lot of presence to make happen. Everything really goes back to a willingness to be here, now. Without that willingness you can’t discern what is right for you.

I have never liked cleaning.  It has always been the chore I hate the most and I mean all cleaning.  For years I hired it out and then the pandemic and now all the cleaning all the time. With a toddler it is impossible to ever have the whole house to rights.  No matter what. No matter if I clean every day there will be more to clean. Give her a minute.

The tricky thing is that when my house is dirty it brings me down. Like woe is me, down. Down below the ground down. So keeping my house moderate is a necessity and with toddler that means cleaning everyday. Every single one.

This thought cycle was not helping me live my best life.  I felt aligned with drudgery every time I had to clean. So I did a deep reframe and redefined cleaning for myself.

For me cleaning of itself was not a win enough – but what I noticed by wearing a tracker is that I burned a ton of calories when I cleaned. Far more calories than by doing yoga or walking – even purposeful exercise was no match for cleaning’s calorie burn. Turns out cleaning is exercise. I love exercise. Ergo I love cleaning.

Now whenever I clean I set my tracker to workout and I get it done. I exercise and feel all the good endorphins and my house becomes a space that supports my ease. This reframe in particular has done fantastic things for my life during the pandemic. Also, I am totally hiring a cleaner again when this is done.