Create a Retreat for Yourself

Going on a retreat can do wonders for your spirit. There is something powerful about all that space and time dedicated to one’s practice that creates a depth to the work. When I think of retreating, I think of turning inwards, time for silence, simple food, flowing through postures, my breath moving in and out, sunlight, salt water, and lavender scented sheets. Retreat isn’t just one thing – it is a layering of many small things to create an environment infused with healing.

Sadly, retreats are not cheap and while I understand the reason for it, it makes it awfully cost prohibitive for the typical yogi to experience. Although I have been lucky enough to go on several extended retreats – they are far and few between.

About ten years ago I started creating retreat days for myself and now I do them monthly, usually over a weekend. On those days, I retreat from my typical activities of hustle and bustle and choose to immerse myself in my practice. I eat simply, I rest and I create an environment of healing in my own home. These days have become a touchstone and an important anchor to my practice.

To prepare:

IMG_2169Clear your calendar for the day/weekend/week that you choose to retreat.

Clean Your House. Clean sheets. Clean Tub. Dishes done.

Groceries (stock-up on simple and nutritious food)

Create a schedule of several classes or workshops – building yourself a full day immersion (sometimes all at one studio, sometimes at several studios)

Arrange flowers and create a space of healing for your beautiful self – even if it is just a corner in a room.

Create – or buy – some bath salts.

Personal Retreat Schedule:

IMG_1256Rise early | Bathe | Dress

6am Vinyasa Yoga Class

8am Tea and fruit

9:30 Deep Stretch Yoga Class

11:30 Lunch | Nap | Reading | Salt Bath

4:30 Kundalini Yoga Class

6:00pm Light Dinner

7:00pm Restorative Yoga Class

9:00pm Salt Bath

10:00 pm Bed



What kind of retreat day would you create for yourself?