Brianna Bedigian is a writer, teacher and healer. She has been working in the healing arts for over 20 years and believes that everyone has the ability to change, grow and evolve themself.


Retreat offers us a time to ourselves for ourselves. If created with intention a retreat opens a beautiful feeling of spaciousness and bolsters our ability to practice presence in our daily life. Traveling for retreat costs a bomb. Worth it. Absofuckinglutely. Accessible. No. How to make a personal mini-retreat: Wake Early.Speak little.Practice a lot.Eat simply.If you have finances add in a special treat like a massage or a sauna. That’s it. That is the recipe of pretty much any retreat I have attended. Now, I try for a mini retreat once a week. I take three hours sans Addy and I practice. Sometimes its restorative and I just roll between the poses. Other times I take an online movement workshop – post covid there are so many good platforms to choose from. Lately I have been ending my practice with a sauna because there is a beautiful one down the street from me. I am approaching thirty years of daily practice, more than half my life committed to this path. Adding these beautiful extended intentional practices enables me to parent in a way that I would not be capable of otherwise. Motherhood without the balm of yoga and meditation is not something I am willing to... read more

Mushroom Soup

Simple soup is the best. This mushroom soup comes together quickly and packs a flavor filled punch.

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Estrogen Matters

Estrogen Matters provides a deep dive into the bad science that influenced perimenopausal/menopausal care, why estrogen matters and updates the reader on current best practices.

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