Fire Cider

Herbal medicine is really the medicine of the people. Meaning it is for everyone. Fire Cider is an old elixir and one of my favorites to have on hand.  It does take time to chop everything up and patience (because it takes about a month to come together) but I find all the effort totally worth it.

This recipe is very forgiving (meaning lots of different versions exist), I simply chop up all the organic goodness and add it to a mason jar with organic apple cider vinegar. I riddle it daily after that – shake, shake, shake.

IMG_3122(1)Today’s Fire Cider version includes:

Onion, peeled and roughly chopped
Garlic, peeled and roughly chopped
Tumeric, peeled and roughly chopped
Ginger, peeled and roughly chopped
Horseradish, peeled and roughly chopped
Lemon Zest
Rosemary (dried, from my garden)
Cayenne Pepper
Black Pepper Corns



I don’t measure. I don’t worry about the veggies being chopped just so. I just fill the jar with the ingredients to a few inches shy of the brim and then add the Apple Cider Vinegar, covering everything in the jar. I close the lid and place it in the cupboard with my mugs (think cool and dark for its storage place). I store it with my mugs because that way I will see it every day and remember to give it a little love shake – I usually sing a little love song to it too. I believe in the power of intention and you can bet if I feed you something there is a message of love and light in the recipe too.  After a month – I strain it and keep the Fire Cider in the fridge.fire_cider_2

If I start to fight a wee cold or virus of any kind, I take a teaspoon of it straight up. To be honest, I think its yummy so drinking it down is not a problem for me.  I also use it as a salad dressing with a little oil thrown in.

Here is a video by one of my favorite herbal teachers, Rosemary Gladstar – like most of my herbal knowledge I was introduced to Gladstar’s teaching by my friend Jenny of Zensations in Baltimore. This is a great video as it goes through what each ingredient does, :