Lemon HONEY Love

One of my favorite things to make, when the fall settles in and the leaves begin to scatter, is this simple potent elixir.  I think of it as a little pot of sunshine during the frigid months. Sometimes when my throat is raw I take a teaspoon straight-up but most often I drink it with warm water or mix it into my tea.

Three great things: this recipe could not be easier, it is delicious, and it has numerous healing qualities.  Really one could wax poetic about honey and lemon and their healing components for hours.  Basically it comes down to this: they are freaking good for you.

You will need the following ingredients for Lemon HONEY Love: IMG_4887

4 organic lemons (washed), seeded and sliced thin (as you can make it), skins left on.*

10ish ounces of local honey*

a clean pint sized mason jar

*for preservation, be mindful, it is necessary that all of the lemons are covered by honey. This recipe also requires refrigeration.

Step by step instructions to make Lemon HONEY Love with intention:

Try to be present as you move though each of these simple steps.  Be aware of your breath as you slice the lemons. Inhaling and exhaling deeply to take their vibrant scent in.  Did you know that the essential oils of citrus fruits are made from the oil in the fruits skin?

Take a moment and thank the lemons. It may seem silly but thank them all the same. Begin to use simple moments to foster a habit of Gratitude, after all it is one of the best healers going.

IMG_4888As you place the sliced lemons in the jar take the time to feel their weight in your hands.  Notice, the many beautiful shades of yellow that make up their skin and fruit. Color is so healing, take the time to really perceive it as you layer the slices one on top of the other.

Pour in the honey and as you do, imagine: the jar filling with light and love. Take a moment to really imagine them GLOWING with light.

Stir the contents to make sure all of the lemons are immersed and suspended in honey. Fill the jar to the very brim with honey –  *for preservation, be mindful, it is necessary that all of the lemons are covered by honey. This recipe also requires refrigeration.

Once the sliced lemons are completely covered by honey you need to allow your: Lemon HONEY Love to rest in your Refrigerator. I know it will be hard, but don’t you dare taste this deliciousness for at least three weeks.  It needs that time to combine and meld fully. After that time passes: use at will!

Light and Healing to you!



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