Tumeric and Honey

It is POURING here. Pouring. But I think that the weather is absolutely delicious because I don’t have to go anywhere. I am writing this and then settling into a corner with a new book and a cup of Tumeric Tea.

I have had arthritis in my ankle since I was in my early twenties and whenever it rains for a full day, or more, the ache begins. Since it isn’t my first time on this merry go round, I know that ache is coming and purposefully up my tumeric intake. I mix it in to a lot of my food. Everything turns yellow. But my favorite use is to make a tea with Tumeric and honey.

Why? Tumeric’s main compound curcumin is a wonder at calming inflammation, and there is a lot of research supporting its healing abilities.

Seems weird but to make it work add a few cracks of pepper. Black Pepper (pepperine) makes Curcumin have more bioavailability  – truly – they are synergistic and the curcumin is pretty useless without it.

Honey, well that makes everything better, doesn’t it? But honey is a wonder. It does so many things that it is considered a nutraceutical. Meaning, Medical Doctors are calling it medicine!

To make the paste I use a 1:1 ratio.

tumeric_teaFor one cup of Tumeric and Honey Tea:

2tsps tumeric + 2tsps honey + black pepper
Mix into a paste.
Add hot water and stir.

For a week of  Tumeric and Honey Tea:

3 Tbl Tumeric + 3 Tbl honey + black pepper
Mix into a paste
Store in fridge (no longer than a week).

Add 2 tsps at a time to individual cups of hot water and stir.


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