Aromatherapy I Loveth You


There are several essential oils that act as natural balancers. These adaptogens, as they are called, will instigate a reaction in the body that is appropriate to achieve a state of homeostasis or balance.*

If you have interacted with me in the last few months I am pretty sure I have waxed poetic to you about aromatherapy.  Recently I started to blend my own oils and have been reading about, researching the scientific literature, and playing with the actual oils pretty much daily. This week I stumbled upon the notion of adapotgenic oils.

Adaptogens have a normalizing effect on the body so they can be both (and this is weird) a stimulant and relaxant. The oil “adapts” depending on your nervous system’s particular needs.

Amazing, right?

Adaptogenic Foot Rub:

1 TBL Vegetable Oil (carrier oil – I use Grapeseed)
3 drops essential peppermint oil
3 drops essential lavender oil
3 drops essential lemon oil

Rub the oil all over your feet, breathe deep and smile.

*Valerie Anne Woodward, The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, 1991