How to deal with the stress of the holiday season?!?!?!

Geez Louise it is always so much fun to talk to Sydney and Amy on WJHL’s Morning News! I think it is so wonderful that the morning news is taking time to inspire its viewers to take care of themselves. So thoughtful, so meaningful.

I think self care (which really isn’t about a mani pedi) becomes super duper important at this time of year. It always seems as if there is so much to do and so little daylight to do it in. I swear I am actually solar powered and at this time of year when things get busier my natural inclination (which I sadly cannot give into) is to make a nest and do less.

1. My first suggestion is to remember to BREATHE.  You deserve air! Think of it as a free gift you can give yourself anywhere! Here is a blog post that really goes in depth about the breath, the science behind it, and then offers you several powerful healing practices: http://briannabedigian.com/yoga-as-medicine/

2. Soothe your body and being by making yourself a warm cuppa ginger tea. This tea is especially helpful if your tummy is having difficulty dealing with all the bounty: http://briannabedigian.com/simple-ginger-tea/

3. Make simple homemade gifts. If they look homemade, even better. This is a wonderful way to keep costs low and do something meaningful for someone else.  Personally, I love giving and receiving gifts like this. One of my favorite aromatherapy treats is this: http://briannabedigian.com/aromatherapy-i-loveth-you/

Another easy aromatherapy recipe is:

  • A Container (mason jar, milk jar or something like that)
  • Enough Epsom Salt to fill 3/4 of the container
  • Enough Baking soda to fill the rest of the container
  • 5 drops Patchouli Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Lavender Essential Oil
  • 3 drops Sweet Orange Oil
  • mix together all the ingredients in a stainless steel or glass container (they won’t take on the sent) with a stainless steel utensil (it won’t take on the scent).
  • slap a label on it and some ribbon
  • Voila

4. Don’t worry about being perfect. Perfection is an illusion. It ain’t ever going to happen. Instead focus on being present. Listen when you are spoken to. Look the shop clerk in the eye. Sing with your kids. If something you planned falls flat that is life. No big thing. Keep breathing. Keep Being.

5. Give yourself ample time to rest. Strike a pose like Constructed Relaxation and open yourself to healing. This pose targets the Psoas Muscle, which is considered to be the muscle of “Fight or Flight.” If the Psoas relaxes – you relax too! To access Constructed Relaxation:

  • Start on your back.
  • Place your feet on the floor, hips distance apart, knees bent.
  • Turn your palms up at your sides.
  • Lay still for three to five minutes while breathing deeply.

Last but not least, my book Healing Footstep to Footstep makes a wonderful gift to inspire your friends and family to take deep and meaningful care of their very fine self. It includes aromatherapy recipes, meditation lessons, yoga practices, and breathing exercise with an illustrated story of hope and healing.

I am wishing you the happiest Holiday Season!!!!