Pavanmuktasana for Relaxation

Pavanmuktasana for relaxation is a wonderful posture to interweave into your daily life. This pose is particularly healing before bedtime or after any experience that has caused you extreme stress.  Pavanmuktasana (also known as the wind reliever pose) is one of the most effective ways to release the Psoas muscle.

The Psoas is known as the muscle of fight and flight and is one of the longest muscle pairs in the body – extending from its insertion point on the thoracic spine (basically behind the diaphragm)  to the femur.  It is the only muscle that connects your spine and leg together. It is also one of the main muscles that swings your leg forward.

Whenever you become stressed the Psoas contracts so that you can flee. That contraction literally causes the upper and lower parts of your body to come together and makes it very difficult to relax.  Pavanmuktasana for relaxation is a wonderful way to get the Psoas to release, relax and length. I hope you enjoy this practice!