Keep it simple

It use to be that I didn’t mind mess and noise. internal or external, and I would participate in the pettiest of dramas.  Chronic Fatigue changed my tolerance and my life shifted and changed accordingly.  By embracing my practices during my illness I was able to carve out a space of safety within myself.  Where once it was uncomfortable to be silent and still, now I literally long for my  mat.

I choose to keep my house simple, uncluttered, and nicely lit. I buy myself cut flowers weekly because to me they are like putting spots of joy in my rooms.  Joy is one of the highest vibrations – sneak it in wherever you can!

IMG_4927I drink my water with lemon and when I have time I let it sit and infuse with sunshine. The majority of the food I eat is whole, with a handful of ingredients and freshly prepared. I now shy away from personal drama and have let go of many friends and some family who create it, or co-create it with me (after all I ain’t no victim). I practice my practices every day. I am grateful to them because they keep me calm and my mind clear.

If you haven’t been taking care of your precious self, if you haven’t given yourself any time, my rituals may seem over the top. But trust me when you get into the swing of it, with a little practice, they will become easy.

Life is stressful and one of the ways I combat it is by allowing myself these simple pleasures, nurturing myself without a lot of muss or fuss. By keeping my self care rituals simple I am able to keep up with them even in the most hectic of times.  It took time and practice but now when I am in the dark I automatically turn to them.  I know that if I practice, practice, practice the light will come.

My counsel to you is to KEEP IT SIMPLE. Add one self care ritual at a time and be kind to yourself always.