Conscious Breathing Practices

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Creating a daily conscious breathing practice is a wonderful and simple way to take care of yourself.  Breath practices are easy to do and incredibly healing.  Breathing deep impacts every part of us.  In all actually when we breathe our whole body is breathing. The breath impacts our heart, our circulatory system, our mind, our emotions, our immune system, and our digestion. Your Breath is literally your life and simply put your body does not function without it.

At the edge of the forest, the girl paused, she noticed her breath, she felt deep down into her feet, she lifted her heart. She imagined breathing in the beauty….

The breath is the only unconscious act that can easily be made conscious by anyone, anytime, anywhere, any situation.  Learning to Breathe fully and deeply and remembering to practice will change your life.

Conscious Breathing Practice: Deep Belly Breathing

Follow Brianna’s soothing voice as she guides you through a simple 3 minute practice to deepen your understanding and connection to the belly breath.

Conscious Breathing Practice: The Blowing Breath

The Blowing Breath is one of Brianna’s favorite breath practices when she is trying to mitigate her own stress.  She silently states what she wants to let go of and then simply blows them away.

Sometimes when we start a practice like this it brings up a lot of discomfort.  When you are in a place of worthlessness, self loathing and fear it can be incredibly difficult to sit still and observe the breath. If feelings of discomfort arise within you choose to be gentle and kind with yourself.  Practices like these get easier with time and PRACTICE. Light and Healing to you!