Heal your mind and the rest will follow

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Taking the time to heal your relationship with yourself creates far reaching ripples of change.  If you have unwittingly aligned yourself with a victim mentality, or a mentality of worthlessness, or one of self-loathing, this type of practice is paramount to your healing.

“I am so angry, little and dark” she stated, licking out each word of her mantra. Wrapping her thoughts around herself like a mantle of pain.

Learning to tune in and hear your own thoughts, through a practice of mindful awareness is the first step in creating the necessary shift in your consciousness.  From there you will begin to reveal the repetitive nature of your thoughts and become aware of whether you are repeating words of love or words of despair to yourself.  You have the ability to focus your mind.  Quite frankly, you are not its servant. You are your mind’s master.

Taking the time to heal your mind and create a correct and loving relationship to yourself is a profound choice.  Once you come from a place of self love, safety and worth, you will always be your own friend and able to hold your own hand in the dark.

Creating a practice of affirmations was incredibly transformative for Brianna during her time of healing from Chronic Fatigue.  She hated this work at first. She rebelled against it and stomped around for a bit. Then she realized that self love and worth are truly the cornerstones of healing.  If you love yourself, it is easy to take care of yourself. If you feel worthy, you will begrudge yourself nothing and behave kindly towards yourself at all times.

As an aside – If you hate this. If it makes you angry. If you think its stupid. My sweet friend, it means you need this work most of all.