Free Multimedia Companion to Healing Footstep to Footstep!

Brianna’s multimedia companion to Healing Footstep to Footstep offers you a way to deepen the practices contained in the book.

All the yoga and meditation practices in this program are gentle and
are explained in detail. Beginners are encouraged to participate!

Each Module has two parts: A brief video introduction to the practices being highlighted and an instructional video or audio recording.

Module 1: Yoga

Introduction to Yoga as a healing practice.
Healing Yoga Practice Accompanied by Cello

Module 2: Meditation

Introduction to the practice of Meditation.
Guided Meditation: Light

Module 3: Conscious Breathing

Introduction to the healing power of the breath.
Conscious Breathing Practices

Module 4: Heal Your Thoughts

Heal Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow.
Sing Your Affirmations Out Loud!