Sing your affirmations out LOUD

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Singing as healer is as old as human kind.  Brianna believes that singing by itself is a healing practice and feels that the power of song is only amplified when we commit to singing words and phrases of peace, love, light, and healing.  She recommends that you sing your affirmations out loud – throw in some dance moves and get this party started.

I am Joyful-o-so-Joyful
I am Happy-o-so-Happy
Life is wonderful! Life is Marvelous!

When Brianna was first sick she repeated to herself: “I am so sick.” Over and over and over again. Guess what? She sure was sick – for years.  It was a pattern of pain that she wrapped tightly around herself. There was no space, at that time, in her life for anything else.

It wasn’t until a dear friend gave her a book (You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay) that Brianna first discovered the idea of healing her thought patterns.  After she got over being angry at every one else and stopped stomping around, she realized that it was her own mind that was torturing her and could see her own hand’s work in her Chronic Fatigue.  By taking personal responsibility, she released her victim mentality and began to change her personal story. That choice transformed her life.

Working with affirmations created a path to healing in Brianna’s own life.  Give it a go – you might be surprised by just how much you LOVE it.

I am Grateful-o-so-Grateful
I am Thankful-o-so-Thankful
I am Healing. I am Healing!