Guided Meditation: Light

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Guided Meditation: Light is a wonderful entry point to meditative practices, especially if you are a beginner. Brianna filmed this video on Healing House Beach while she rested in a meditative pose behind the camera.  It was dusk, it was still, it was peaceful.


The girl ate simply
     spoke simply
       while praying
          breath to breath
             throat and heart
                        to the light

In Guided Meditation: Light Brianna will guide you through a deep relaxation first for your body and then your mind.  Once she helps you to relax, her voice will lead you through a beautiful story where you will wander through a healing meadow. In the meadow you will become aware that there is water in the distance. As you reach the water’s edge you will notice that the water is actually liquid healing white light.

Many traditions view white light as a healing force.  By connecting with the white light in this way – bathing in it and drinking it – you will access a powerful reservoir of healing within your own being. Brianna recommends that all her students connect with the light daily through simply practices or meditations like this.  This practice is simple and one profoundly healing.

Like any other Mindfulness or Heartfulness practice the more you practice the more accessible the practice will become.  Guided Meditation: Light is a wonderful 10 minute practice to incorporate into your daily life.  May it help you to release and relax deeply.