Elderberry Tea

This post should be called Elderberry Tea two ways because I use them both.

When I travel I tend to make the teas directly from the dried berry. Whereas when I am tucked into my own space, I like to make the tea from the Elderberry Syrup that is a homemade staple in my fridge. Elderberries daily that is the rule.

Elderberry Tea-Tea

In this instance you make a simple tea from the berries themselves.

Bring 2 cups water to a boil and pour over 1Tbl Dried Elderberries. Allow to steep for 5 to 10 minutes.

Drink straight up or stir in some honey while thinking a lovely thought.

27501011_2002951409720084_1224508718019326700_oElderberry Syrup Tea

***Do not make this style of tea with the store bought variety unless it directs you to.

This is my favorite way to take elderberry daily. The syrup is a delicious purple-black liquid and feels decadent. I like simple things that make me feel really taken care of.

I add a TBL of syrup (Recipe) to 1 cup of hot but not boiling water. Mix together, stir in some kindness, and voila.



Where can you get Dried Elderberries and bulk herbs?
I mail order mine from several different places, including:
Mountain Rose Herbs

If I am in Baltimore, I get them from my friend Jenny at Zensations.

Scientific Literature (retrieved: 2/5/17):

Elderberries against the Flu




Why Honey?




Medical Disclaimer: None of this should be misconstrued as medical advice.