1 Minute Practice

Sometimes busy bees do not have time for an extended practice.  Sometimes busy bees are wearing dresses instead of pants and only have one minutes to themselves.  Sometimes busy bees are exhausted and an extended practice will harm them more than heal them.

One of the most freeing realizations I had during my healing from Chronic Fatigue was that practice is not defined by time – practice means practice.  Some days for me my practice is hours and sometimes its minutes.  Everyday though I take time to breathe deep, feel my feet, lift my heart and connect my body, mind, and spirit through the beautiful three part practice of Yoga.

Yoga requires:

  • YOU

Yoga does not require:

  • A mat.
  • $100 pants or pants in general.
  • an hour of your time.
  • a heated room.
  • an instructor in special pants, on a special mat, in a special room.

How is your mindset impacting your practice? Does it bolster it or does it defeat it?

Now shake a tail feather – get out there – DO THE YOGA! Here is a 1 minute practice to inspire beautiful YOU!