Learn to breathe through discomfort

This past year I feel like I have been seated in a sea of discomfort in many of the facets that make up my life.  Nothing is horrible but it is uncomfortable. I feel wiggly inside and often I want to run away.
If you start to feel uncomfortable or hurt, sad, tired, depressed, or angst ridden, where do you go? Are you able to allow yourself your feeling? Or do you cover it over, metaphorically burying the sharp object in the sand, and try to pretend it isn’t there. Choose your poison, the list of ways to escape is endless.
I believe that a powerful tool that rolls off of the yoga mat into our daily life is the requirement that we actively practice presence while remaining in discomfort.   Recently I was flipping through Teaching Yoga and stumbled on this simple yet encapsulating statement:
In [practice], stay in non-painful discomfort – breathe and transform. Relate the discomfort in [practice] to the discomfort in life…stay with the difficult feelings as a way to explore breakthroughs, cultivating balance and strength in the [practice] and applying this to the healing process.
~ Teaching Yoga by Mark Stephens