Further notes on Anti Racist Literature

Our hope with this Anti Racist Literature List is that you are inspired to read one book. Read that one first.  Commit to that and see it through. And then ponder. Noodle. Sit with it.

“White privilege has nothing to do with you being a good person or a bad person. It is from the fact that you have been raised in a racialized society that you might not have been aware of.” Christina Desimone

After reading and pondering our hope is that you will choose to read another or maybe it will inspire you to go down a rabbit hole of podcasts or documentaries (lists to come).  But don’t wait on me. Google that shit and then do that.

The thing is. Personal growth cannot be prescribed by anyone else. It is up to you to do it. You alone can cause the change.

So as your own best expert. Look inwards. Push yourself to do this uncomfortable work. You will be imperfect and it will be awkward. Consider letting those mistakes become teachable moments. Remember those? Remember learning when you were young, how much repetition, how many mistakes, how many failures?

It is only in agitation that we grow.

IT is time. The time is now.

I believe in you.