40 Day Practice

I love a good 40 day practice. I find that the challenge of maintaining pushes me to stay focused and affords a depth of understanding that I can’t achieve without repetitive commitment.  40 days allows me to really experience the impact of the “work” and investigate how it makes me feel in a myriad of moods and states. Here are a few examples that I have committed to over the years:


Kriya Yoga Set (Current 40 Day practice – read more below)
Chanting a specific mantra
Seated meditation
Abhyanga (Dry Brushing and Oil Massage)
Sun Salutations (2, 4, 6 – what number is right for you?)
5 Minutes of Breath work


Currently I am 7 days into a 40 day practice of a Kundalini Yoga Kriya called: Kriya to Make You Enchantingly Beautiful(KTMYEB). The name irks me. So dumb. The Kriya however is a favorite.  One thing I always liked about KTMYE is that it is a perfect 20 minutes – the first 14 minutes are real intense – I am modifying three of the five postures –  then you rest.

Over the next 40 days I will get stronger. Modify less. Meditate More. There will be days I hate it. Days I love it. Days I don’t want to do it. Days I do it twice. There will be insight and boredom, excitement and drudgery. Times it will feel like three seconds and others that I swear were hours. What I find is that there is a lot of power in the experience of simply showing up and doing the practice.

What type of 40 day practice speaks to you? Choose something that you have wanted to explore – maybe even something you want to try out as a daily practice.  So many of the things I do on the regular came to my life through a 40 day practice commitment – including my twenty plus year daily yoga practice. You can do it. You really can.

  1. Pick something that excites you.
  2. Set a commitment.
  3. Create accountability. Tell some friends. Talk to your coach. Instagram that sh*t – put it out there.
  4. Choose to do it.
  5. Choose to do it.
  6. Choose to do it.
  7. ….. etc.

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