What makes Quiet Winds so darn special?

Top 8 reasons Quiet Winds – a Baltimore Yoga Studio – is so special:

  1. We offer out Nurturing Practices to create a Nourished Community.
  2. Yoga Classes are diverse and include: Kundalni Yoga,  Anointed You: Aromatherapy and Yoga, Restorative Yoga
  3. Yoga Classes are not as hard as possible – quite frankly they are less about your ass and more about your soul. In Anointed You, for example, you will flow through postures, breathe deeply, and rest. You will also leave smelling better than when you came in.
  4. All teachers utilize the practices they offer to heal themselves.
  5. Although the room can fit over 30 mats the classes are limited to 20 students.
  6. We believe that Yoga is for every Body.
  7. If you are nervous about attending there is no need. This is not a studio that promotes gymnastic yoga or expects you to be in a fancy outfit.  So throw on some comfy pants that stretch and come on over!
  8. Reiki – with your permission – is an active part of the majority of classes.

Please come in and visit us soon!  Amber, Atvar, Nancey,and I are here to welcome you!