Summer Reading

I have always been a reader. Besides cooking, dancing and playing any sport that involved a ball – it was what I liked to do best when I was younger. My brother when we were little would say: “Bri doesn’t read. She eats books.”

A weird little thing about me is that if you lend me a book and you get it back in the same condition then the truth is I didn’t read it. At least I didn’t read your actual copy. My books are used up when I am finished with them – they are like velveteen rabbits with bits worn off. I learned a while back, when I returned books to nasty looks, never to actually read someone’s book. I find that people get annoyed when their cover is peeled back and the binding is broken.

I still read a lot – my typical average is one to two books a week. I love fiction but I LOVE reading more and my books span a variety of topics. This summer some really remarkable works have come into my life. Books that I know I will turn to again and again with time.

  • Greg Bradden, Divine Matrix
  • Brené Brown, Daring Greatly
  • Brené Brown, Men, Women and Worthiness
  • Gary Chapman, The 5 Love Languages
  • Gay Hendricks, The Big Leap

Each of these works pushed me in some way. Some provided a valuable insight into an issue one of my clients or myself was facing. Several of them blew my mind wide open and have literally rocked my beliefs. Within each of these works though is a very simple message:

Love Yourself and Get On With It.

Louise Hay