What is your underlying hum?

I think that each belief we hold roots us into rhythmic patterns of behavior.  Creating a vibration. A vibration that ripples out with an almost audible hum.
In healing the hums that underlie are particularly important. In my work, specifically with hypnosis, I often speak about the power of our beliefs and there ripple effect on our lives. What is so healing about hypnosis is that it works with the bedrock of the belief. Once the belief is resolved the ripples cease and the vibration dies.  I think we can all agree that a person who replaces a hum of worthlessness with one of worth will project a very different energy. They will produce a very different hum.
 Jenny making “In Transition Tea” in the sunshine
I find that sometimes with this type of energetic awareness that it is easier to recognize one of a person’s hums when there is discord.  For example, if someone’s underlying hum is not rooted in kindness and they behave kindly, you may feel as though they are being fake.  Of if someone means to harm you but holds out their hand to help, you may not trust them. Through these examples it may become easier to accept that something intangible is happening. From my perspective you hear their hum.
Today my friend Jenny posted a video of the Kinks singing “have a cuppa tea”.  After listening it seemed logical that it would play every time she entered a room. That tea is always the answer is truly one of her underlying hums.
In fact, Jenny’s belief that tea is an elixir was first an interest, then a passion, and she now owns Zensations. An apothecary that is located on Chestnut Ave in Baltimore.  In my estimation it and its location are entirely magic.
Jenny’s apothecary is a space specifically carved out of chaos for healing. I go every week.  I buy a little something. We chat for a few. Each and every time I leave I feel soothed. Tea really does make it better.