In many ways each of our experiences become our personal story.  Certain stories have more weight then others. Most are fleeting but some are fingered like a touchstone and stroked into a belief.  For the mind, repetition is only healing if what you are repeating to yourself is based in love, respect and joy.

It is our beliefs that form our patterns. They push us forward or cause us to be immobile. They interconnect us to others or keep us distant and separate. We hold beliefs about so many things. What’s fascinating is that most of the time we do not realize that those underpinnings are even there.  The groove has worn so deep that it dips below conscious awareness. Conscious becoming subconscious, the thought shifts to underlying belief and joins the web that churns out our words, deeds and actions.

 Plaque made by Anne Stringer
I work with this notion a lot as a hypnotist.  Clients come in and we begin to peel back the layers of story in order to root out the causative belief.  Simply put, kill the root and the pattern dies.  By working with your subconscious you can untangle yourself from all manner of limiting and harmful beliefs. Change the belief and your thoughts, words, deeds and actions will shift.
Part of my work as a hypnotist, is to create stories that utilize metaphor.  These stories help the subconscious release what is harmful and bolster what is healing. My intention with this crafting is to help each of my clients foster a hum of self-love, respect, and compassionate understanding.  Like Louise Hay says: “Love yourself and get on with it.”