5 Things to create healing and foster change:

Healing is a journey. During my process of healing from Chronic Fatigue (which is far more than simply being tired) I found that creating a correct relationship with myself was absolutely key.  The suggestions I make below are a mixture of my discoveries during my healing journey combined with my observations of thousands of students over the past decade. I wish you well on your personal path to wholeness!

5 Things to create healing and foster change:

  1. PRESENCE.In order to heal the very first step is becoming present, waking-up, being aware. Often times we live our life on autopilot, without realizing we are on repeat. We aren’t even aware that we had the same thoughts yesterday as we do today. We stay head down in our ruts. We root further into our habits, running the same courses through our day-to-day patterns. We need to become present in order to notice where we are currently at: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This awareness will then enable us to become present with our behaviors, know our thoughts, witness our choices and ultimately foster the ability to discern whether they are leading us to joy or drawing us further into despair.
  2. RESPONSIBILITY. In order to heal. In order to be whole. In order to be courageous. We have to take full on responsibility for our THOUGHTS, choices, behaviors, beliefs, and habits. We have to take responsibility for ourselves. All of the changes necessary to create deep and meaningful healing happen from the inside out.
  3. WILLINGNESS. We have to choose to heal. Once we are willing, and set the intention to heal, it becomes infinitely easier to take the many baby steps necessary to become healed and whole.
  4. SELF-WORTH. In order to heal it is critical to feel worthy of healing. Self-worth is a bedrock belief and creates a powerful point of transformation. Worthlessness is in alignment with despair. Worthlessness is head down. WORTH is heart lifted. Worth is in alignment with Joy. Worth is powerful.
  5. SELF-LOVE. No matter how hokey sounding self-love is key. The ripple that comes from a place of Self-Love is Awesome – it is more like a tidal wave. Want a better life? LOVE YOURSELF.

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