There are thousands of different doorways to healing you just need to find the tools that work best for you

Yoga, Reiki and Hypnosis are each at their basis self-healing in nature.  They certainly healed me and I am ever so grateful for the changes that my practice and effort have brought.  I also love that through each of these tools I continue to learn and grow, that after more than a decades worth of practice, I am still both challenged and comforted by them.
In December I resigned my full time position as a librarian for a local museum with international stature.  As I had studied art history in college having a museum job was hugely meaningful to me – I got to hold works by Picasso actually in my hands.  I worked there for four years and chafed at my role every step; it was during that time that I accepted that my dreams really had nothing to do with library science or art history.  Instead, mine have everything to do with teaching others that they are in fact empowered and have the ability to heal their very own self.
These past few months have been tremendously challenging and utterly rewarding.  Holding the space for others to heal and transform is a remarkable day at the office.   Quite frankly it is an honor.
So to each of you out there who are struggling or unwell, I wish that you continue to try as many different pathways as possible. After all, there are thousands of different doorways to healing you just need to find the tools that work best for you. Because, and this is the truth, healing yourself and coming to a place of peace, is worth everything you have gone through.  For me it was the combining of my three part yoga practice, with the healing touch of Reiki and the meditative aspects of hypnosis that created my pathway back to myself; I would love to share them with you.

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