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Katrina, Stephanie and KC – Reiki I Attunement
When I first heard about Reiki I was struggling with Chronic Fatigue (CFS).  Before my illness I would have been hard pressed to even participate in a conversation about energy work and its healing abilities. In fact I am positive I would have closed my ears entirely.  However, the version of me with Chronic Fatigue was open to anything that could possibly bring me back to myself.
At that point I was more than a year into my battle with CFS (which is far, far more than simply being tired).  I felt betrayed by my body and because of my illness I had no choice but to transform my power yoga practice to one of a restorative nature. Over the course of my illness I utilized numerous styles of doctors, nurses, chiropractors, acupuncturists, therapists, and nutritionists in an effort to heal myself. I also rested. Rested. Rested. Rested.
The second winter of my illness I relocated from Maine to Arizona in order to have sunlight and warmth through the darkest months. It was there that someone recommended Reiki and it was then that I had unknowingly moved myself directly across the street from a metaphysical college that offered training.
 Mike and Kelly – Reiki I Attunement
I never had a treatment session.  I just signed-up for a Reiki I Attunement and was over the course of the weekend changed forever.  Reiki (and just to be clear no one actually knows what it “really” is – is defined as Universal Life Force Energy, which is similar in concept to Prana and Chi.) completely altered my being and it was after my first Attunement that I started to get better.  During the 21 subsequent days that I was directed by the teacher to practice I felt myself begin to shift. I stopped digging further into my hole of illness and instead started to grow back out of the darkness and into the light.
This May marks my eighth anniversary as a Reiki Master.  Since that time I have introduced thousands of students to the practice and trained hundreds of practitioners.  During that time I have stood witness to remarkable transformations. There have even been times when I have worked with a client who is in so much pain that I can barely stand to be around them. I give advice and they talk over me. I offer suggestions and they are too busy during a session that they are paying for to even listen. I try to guide them in their healing and they thwart me pretty much every step of the way.  They remind me so much of me.  Maybe its because I understand them that the Reiki shift is the most pronounced but after a training the next time I see them they are changed.  The shift that was due occurred and they tell me remarkable tales of their transformation.  In fact all the practitioners I have trained tell wonderful tales of healing.
 Quiet Winds Reiki Master Manual
Although I always wanted to be of service through my work I had not planned for it to be in this way.  The process of my becoming a holder of space so that others might heal was born out of my illness and subsequent healing.  I look back at my time of illness with deep gratitude. I recognize it as one of my life’s greatest teachers and through my struggle to heal it I woke-up.  I found the ground, I found my footing, I found my way.  My life’s work was shifted and now I hold out the tools I utilized in my own healing to inspire and empower others to heal as well.
I would love to hear your Reiki story. Please tell your tale in the comment section below.  Light to you!


  1. >My first experience with Reiki was through Brianna. She generously made an offer to yoga teachers at CCY. I made an appointment mainly out of curiosity. During the session I felt energy, heat, and a strong sense of calm. Afterwards I felt completely relaxed. I was amazed at the insight Brianna provided. I was even more curious about Reiki. I went on to do training with her in level I and II. I find it helpful in my daily life and use it to help family and friends. It has become a part of my private yoga teaching as well.
    I continue to explore the power of Reiki thanks to Brianna.

  2. >Brianna, I'm so looking forward to attending this month's Reiki training. See you soon! L

  3. >LM – Thank you so much for sharing your story! I am so glad that you continue to enjoy your personal Reiki practice and love that you share it with others :)they are so lucky to have found you!Light to you

  4. >I am looking forward to your training as well, L! You will be a wonderful Reiki :)

  5. >My introduction to Reiki as part of my whole practice was at the Monday evening yoga class. I had been aware of the heat energy I could generate myself. My kids thought it was so magical when they were small. I never made the connection myself, until last year at CCY, when Brianna gernerously offered it to anyone willing to try. Since I was going through a series of changes in my life, I figured sure, try it, how bad could it be. Turns out it was pretty amazing! I am so grateful to have this wonderful, wise, beautiful woman in my life as a teacher and friend. So, even as yoga and meditation are the foundation of my daily spiritual practice, reiki dovetails so elegantly with them. I get to heal others even as I heal myself. What a beautifully symetrical universe we get to create! Thank You my dear.

  6. >Somewhat more than a year ago I had my first Reiki session with Brianna. If I look back, it has been the beginning of a big, ever positive change in life. During that Reiki session I felt heat, it was very soothing and I felt very clear afterwards. I did the Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki master trainings with Brianna. Reiki gently, subtly, yet determined induced things to shift; an accumulation of events in life that needed resolution came to the front to be addressed. More centered, more aware of stress and its impact on me. The migraines I had frequently have diminished to the point that I rarely have one. Reiki practice is beautiful and I practice it daily. I am grateful for the gift of Reiki and for Brianna's guidance on the Reiki path.

  7. >Thanks so much, B! Reiki is so complimentary and I love that you are interweaving it into your existing practices!

  8. >Thank you for sharing your story, K! It has been wonderful to watch you transform and heal through the practice.

  9. >Before I met Brianna Bedigian, I had heard of Reiki, but I had never experienced it. Brianna gave a 3 hour workshop at a yoga teacher training that I was enrolled in. This workshop focused on making sure that yoga teachers do not burn out due to giving away too much of their energy to others. In the workshop, Brianna blessed me with Reiki. It was then that I realized that Reiki had something to offer me.

    I have been energy sensitive my entire life. When others hurt, I actually feel it. When others yell and scream, it shakes me down to my core because I experience their anger as they experience it. And when people feel joy, I feel their joy, as well. I am what is called an empath, someone who is sensitive enough to the energies of others that those energies can be felt. People recognize my intuitiveness without me having to share that part of myself with them. But with intuition can come great suffering if one is not able to self-protect.

    As an empath, I can easily be drained of my own energy because I am so attuned to others'. In the past I would sometimes not know if the sadness or suffering that I would experience was my own, or if it was residual emotion from someone else. Also, it was quite easy for me to remain hurt or traumatized by the emotional outbursts of others because I did not know what I was. I also did not know what I needed to protect myself.

    In the workshop where I met Brianna, she taught me many tricks about staying grounding, filling myself up with healing light, and meditation techniques to re-balance my energy and remain whole. Because of her wisdom of energy work, and her courage to share her own personal suffering, I came to her for Reiki I training (and will go back for more in the future).

    After the attunement process, I was able to give myself the cure to the negative side effects of being empathic. Anytime I feel drained, I can fill myself with the healing light of Reiki. It has made me a calmer person, a better teacher, and a more compassionate empath. I am able to give empathy and compassion without feeling drained, and without suffering.

    Brianna is also wonderful because she so graciously checks in with you after she gives you a Reiki attunement or session. From her head to her toes, and from the bottom of her heart, she cares about the well-being of her students and clients.

    If you are interested in what Reiki can do for you, I highly recommend you check out her yoga classes, schedule a session, and/or talk to her about a Reiki attunement. Reiki is a path to self-healing, and Brianna is a brilliant guide!

  10. >Amber – Thank you so much for sharing your Reiki journey. I am so glad that you have found the practice to be so healing and that it has helped you on your path as a teacher and healer.

    I am already looking forward to your future training – Reiki II is a wonderful experience. Light to you!


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