By the way it is best if you sing this really loud and dance around.

In my roles as a teacher, yogi and healer I draw on my life experiences to create parables so that others may learn, expand, and grow.  Sometimes, these offerings fall completely flat.  But every once in a while a story becomes part of the rhythm of my classes.   A touchstone for me, and possibly, an anchor for my regular students.

Of course there is also the fact that if you are going to make new and unsuspecting people sing and dance, possibly hug strangers, hold hands, or any number of crazy things (really it is limitless) I find it good to explain to them why.  What’s wonderful is that there are ample reasons why, I tell them a few, throw in a little scientific fact, and we begin.  Maybe they believe me, maybe they don’t but at that point we are all in it and I watch them transform.
Without a doubt there are some things in my life that are too deep and too personal to utilize in this way.   Before I can take my life and shift it into a healing story there is a need for pause. The emotion, the raw emotion needs to settle before I can hold the wound for others to observe.
Lately, after rarely speaking of it in my classes, I have started to share the practices I utilized when I had chronic fatigue.  To be honest I had wanted to teach several of the techniques for many years but I wasn’t ready.  The emotion was still too close to the surface to share it. That time though passed for me this year.
When I had chronic fatigue I held very negative thought patterns. One of which was: “I am so sick.” I said it over and over and over again. When I was in the thick of my illness, the darkest places, friends and family began to point out that the negativity was making it worse.  Personal patterns are so hard to see.
They were right. It was. So I began to change it.
During my illness I was lucky enough to live in a lovely house at the edge of the sea.  It was there that I really began the practice of chanting and singing to affect healing.  I made up little songs and daily I raised my voice to the ocean affirming joy, gratitude and light.

I am Happy –o – so happy
Life is Wonderful
Life is Marvelous
I am Joyful…