Knock Knock

It seems like sometimes I simply wake to the taste of fear. Like the emotion tiptoed in during the night and perched on the very tip of my tongue. In those instances, fear easily builds on fear and suddenly I am in the Sea of Worry drowning in the distance parts of my mind.

Go, knock at the door of your own heart.

Practice, my practice, has been instrumental in helping me to realize when I am down shifting into fear.  I have learned with time, to listen in – but not necessarily buy in – to the stories that are swirling in my mind. Now when I first taste fear, I pull myself to pause.  Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t – I am imperfect and that is why this type of self-work is so aptly called practice.

When it works – simply pausing will often reset me automatically.  When it doesn’t, I consciously choose to redirect my mind’s focus and reach for one of my healing tools in my proverbial toolkit. I find that it is the remembering to do so that is the real trick.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

The truth is that it is easy to practice when things in your life are nice.  It is difficult to practice when you are completely overwhelmed with busyness or mired in worry, fear, or worthlessness – the irony is that practice becomes most important when you are these places of deep discomfort.  By practicing in your dark as well as in your light you start to really know yourself and your mind’s trickster nature. You start to understand the intricacies of the fabric of your life.  You begin to blame less and take responsibility more. You start to recognize your thoughts for what they are. You begin –  overtime and with many itty bitty baby steps – to move in your daily life from a place of action rather than reaction.

The first steps to these changes are: mindfulness, willingness, and practice, practice, practice. To get yourself started: 3 times today simply check-in on your thought patterns. See what you are repeating to yourself (negative thoughts tend to be cyclical) and if negative Do something to shift your Mind!!! That means its time for:


Mantra work (Om Shanti, Shanti Shanti (Peace, Peace, Peace))

Affirmations (I release my worry. Peace indwells me now.)

Yoga Practice






I am not going to lie. Sometimes these tools will work and sometimes they won’t. Keep trying! After all, there is always next time.

Of course one of my personal ways to shift myself is by rocking out to the Joyful Song! Singing and Dancing as healer are as old as human kind – give yourself permission to let it all out!

I would love to know your favorite way to reset your attitude 🙂 please write it in the comment section below! Light, Light, Light