Rumi is dreamy.

Years ago I discovered Rumi during a yoga class and he has been a meaningful part of my practice ever since.
If you have yet to make your way to Rumi’s writings I recommend that you get yourself a book. If you are anything like me it will be worn by your hands.
Today to mark the start of my personal practice, I blindly opened my book and was struck by this beautiful passage:
The spiritual path wrecks the body
and afterwards restores it to health.
It destroys the house to unearth the treasure,
and with that treasure builds it better than before.
I remained still for a moment giving his words room to have weight.
After a bit, I turned my focus inward and became aware of my breath rolling in and my breath rolling back out. I added movement for a while playing with my edge.
Moving and breathing, breathing and moving, I made my way back to stillness.