The perfect egg

The perfect egg for me,  is boiled for precisely 6.5 minutes and then cooled in an ice bath for 2.5 minutes.  (remember to peel from the wider end after cracking it all over).

My 6.5 minute egg sits somewhere between the line of hard and soft boiled. Key for me is that the whites are cooked with no translucent bits but the yolk remains soft. I am very serious about this. I set a timer when I make eggs like this.  I stay present to what I am doing. I don’t pick up another task beyond the reaches of my stove. I eat these perfect eggs on toast, in soup, as a side of rice or a top a salad. Today I topped them with Chili Garlic Crack and the yum factor was ridiculous. I make them a dozen at a time and store them in an airtight container. The consistency keeps.

Simple food – it seems so simple but it is also precise. I use cooking a lot in my practice of presence.  It is obviously a wise choice to be present when you do things over open flame like boil oil. But the truth is that every act of cooking can be elevated to a profound ritual of awareness and gratitude.  Food cooked with awareness and love tastes better.