How to find a doctor trained in Perimenopause

Finding a doctor who knows about perimenopause can be challenging. Many doctors do not know about the constellation of symptoms associated with it because they did not receive training during medical school.

Medical Society

The North American Menopause Society

This society provides specialized training to medical professionals for perimenopause / menopause and also has a searchable database of practitioners.

This website offers a wealth of information on standard of care practices that are printable and you can share with your doctor.

Physicians who are following the Galveston Diet method as taught by Dr. Mary Haver
Physician List

Virtual Physician Resource

This is a virtual point of service between you and and a clinician trained in perimenopause / menopause. It is not in every state. It does take insurance.


This is an often untapped resource. Ask your friends if they have a doctor they like and who listens to them – if you are uncomfortable having this conversation face to face send a text.

Hey Girl: do you like your doctor?
Do they listen to you? Do you ever feel dismissed? Have you talked to them about perimenopause? What did they say? Would your recommend them to me?

If you do not have insurance:

Planned Parenthood
Your local Planned Parenthood may be a great resource especially if you do not have insurance. Remember they are focused on female health not just pregnancy.

Please note this is not medical advice.