Charlotte Today: Benefits of Journaling

It was such fun to be on Charlotte Today and talk about the benefits of journaling and Gratitude Practices with
Colleen and Eugene!


Click here to view the video!

Writing has always been my favorite tool for self expression.  I find that it helps me process my emotions, worries, stresses, hopes, and dreams. I turn to it daily. My entry could take the form of a poem, be pages and pages of scribbles or even a “to do” list (I write those in my journal to keep me accountable). Journaling at its most basic level is record keeping – it documents your life from the most banal to the most sublime, it creates order, it shows patterns, it keeps you honest with yourself. Journaling is a powerful tool of self-discovery I hope you undertake to do it JOYFULLY!

Here are some tips to get you started!

1. Keep a book with you at all times (I have one in my purse, a large format journal by my bed, a daily calendar on my desk). Use digital tools – record yourself or create a private blog.

2. Write from the HEART – no need to be neat or have perfect spelling! Let go of the need for your journaling practice to have a specific format.

3. Remember to Add a date (or buy books that are dated).

4. State something that you are grateful for at the end of your entry. Even one word will do.

5. Journal from the notion of practicing because when we practice we don’t have to be perfect. So let it all OUT and WRITE IT DOWN.

Buying the pretty empty books is easy, its remembering to remember to journal that is the trick!