Farmer’s Market Duck-Egg Drop Soup

There is a great Farmer’s Market in my little town.  I go every time its open, even through the winter months, because at the very least I like to buy my eggs there. I believe that happy birds produce better tasting eggs.  Don’t believe me? Run a personal taste test for yourself with a small-farm fresh egg vs. one produced in a large-commercial-farm, then make up your own mind.

Today is a blustery day here which is abnormal for May in the south.  Having just come back from a 48-hour whirlwind visit to NYC where I walked 22 miles, visited with friends and squeezed in four yoga classes, it was the perfect Saturday to be completely cozy and do some self-care. I wore extra layers and laid around in the hammock, took a nap and made some yummy Duck-egg drop soup with ingredients I bought this morning from local farmers – all of us in the sunshine.

Egg Drop Soup has just been put into permanent rotation.  In my younger years I ate it a lot from Chinese Take Away but in my lifestyle – where food is medicine – it had never once occurred to me to make it. Recently I had a craving for it, read a few recipes on the Pinterest and went for it. Not only was it DELICIOUS but it is simple, forgiving (meaning lots of ingredient options) and quick – less than 30 minutes quick.

Duck-Egg Drop Soup

4 Duck Eggs whisked (or 6 Chicken Eggs)
4 cups Veggie Stock (homemade is best but store bought is just fine. You can also use chicken stock)
2 TBS Braggs Amino Liquid Acid (tastes like Soy Sauce but is healthier, there is also a coconut version)
1 TBS of Corn Starch stirred into 1/2 cup of water – Slurry (this is optional but makes the soup thicker)
1 TBS Ghee (or coconut oil or olive oil, etc.)
3 Garlic Cloves, sliced (you can also add onion or scallion, or leeks or avoid adding them all together)
2 cups Arugula (or collards, kale, etc.)
1 cup Mushrooms sliced (or any other hardy veggie that seems yummy to you)

Sautée the garlic in the Ghee until fragrant then add in the mushrooms. Cook the mushrooms for several minutes stirring occasionally. Add the stock, Liquid Amino Acid, Corn Starch Slurry, and simmer for several minutes – till the veggies are cooked through.  Add the whisked duck-eggs while continually stirring (the eggs are cooked when they appear scrambled evenly throughout the soup).  Stir in the Arugula during the last few moments, once wilted, the soup is done.  It is not the most attractive soup but it tastes fantastic and has a comforting quality as well.

I like to serve it with a little extra Liquid Amino and red pepper flakes. But that is my taste. Do what you want. ENJOY!