Introduction to the healing power of the breath

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Conscious breathing, also known as Pranayama or Breath work, is a powerful tool of transformation.  One of the wonderful things about conscious breathing is that the breath is always available to us.  We can manipulate our breath anywhere, standing in line at the market, in a meeting, in an argument, in our bed before sleep – the options are in fact endless.  The trick though, is remembering to turn your focus to the breath.  Conscious breathing is a beautiful practice to engender deep feelings of peace and calm.

Although breath work is part of the traditional three part Yoga Practice many practitioners do not realize its importance.  It is Brianna’s belief that the postures in Yoga practice are metaphors that teach us how to breathe fully and deeply in uncomfortable positions.  Postures are breathing lessons and nothing more, they contort us, they make us uncomfortable, our mind won’t stop whirring. The fastest avenue to peace is to become aware of the breath and deepen the waves rolling in and rolling out.

Scientists know that when we breathe deeply and slowly the body will automatically move into a state of relaxation known as the Relaxation Response. How cool is that? Your body is innately gifted with an “off” switch. The Relaxation Response when activated through a practice of conscious breathing will help you come to a place of peace.  You have the power of relaxation in you, it is not outside of you, the Relaxation Response is in you. It is available to you at all times, you simply have to remember to access it. Through mindfulness practice of conscious breathing you can learn to rest in the space of relaxation, peace and calm,  no matter how tumultuous your daily life is.