Journey Through The Chakras

This is not a run of the mill yoga offering or typical zoom experience. This is a healing practice that is designed to support you from the perspective of community.

Chakra work is one of my favorite yoga offerings because of the many layers it contains. Each of these 7 energy center strives for balance and the yogic practices explored will offer you a toolkit to balance and center your self. Classes will  interweave yogic movement, sound, breath work and guided meditation. The chakras both operate individually and work synchronisticaly to balance the whole.

You can think of the chakric system as a metaphor or you can believe in their energetic nature. Either is fine. Either way, the work will foster change.

It’s clear how much the community, as much as the yoga and breathwork, has meant to everyone. The positive, supportive energy of the group comes through the computer in a way I wouldn’t have thought was possible without being in person…I think it’s actually stronger in some ways because of the way you’ve invited the group to share their lives and experiences and support with each other.
Really amazing!
~Past Participant

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Week 1: Grounding
Lets find your feet and build your fort.

Week 2: Joy
A week dedicated to not pushing the river.

Week 3: Worth
This week. Oh this week. This is the one where we throw it all out and claim our implicit WORTH.

Week 4: Compassion & LOVE
This practice will help us journey to the nature of our true essence.


Week 5: Truth
The throat holds so much tension and this practice will be dedicated to releasing and relaxing your voice.

Week 6: Discernment and Oneness
Being able to see clearly, listen openly and experience oneness.

During these beautiful practices we will inspire each Chakra to come to balance and YOU will experience the fullness of your presence.

Register YOUR FINE SELF!!!

Journey Through the Chakra Live Zoom Yoga Sessions with Brianna will be held for
6 Saturdays: January (15th, 22nd, 29th) February (5th, 12th, 19th)
10am to 11:15am
Fee: $120
Access includes a dedicated website with information to deepen your practice.

Fine Print:

Once purchased, no refunds will be given.