I have been a client of Brianna’s now for 2 years. I was very stressed from working long hours for years in a fast paced profession. Prior to working with her, stress management and relaxation were difficult for me to achieve. I finally turned to Reiki and Yoga for some relief and was blessed to have found Brianna as my Reiki and yoga instructor. Through her caring guidance and healing touch, my life has changed so much. Anxiety no longer dominates my life. As a matter of fact, I rarely worry anymore, and, the little things that used to cause me such stress, no longer bother me. I am much more focused on my goals and what I want to achieve personally and professionally. Brianna has given me techniques to relax, focus, and most important be mindful of the moment in order to live my life to the fullest, for that I am ever thankful to her.
~ Patti

Working with Brianna has allowed me to deepen my practice as a yoga teacher. Understanding energetic fundamentals is helping me to set healthy boundaries in teacher/student relationships. Brianna has helped me to develop skills in energy work that allow me to create a safe space for all students to achieve the goals of their practice. Additionally, creating time in my life for conscious breath work and understanding how to keep my own energy levels stable has brought me a heightened ability to read and respond to the energy of my yoga students. I’m looking forward to attending Brianna’s workshop and continuing to develop my skills and awareness.

Brianna’s gentle guidance has not only eased my physical injuries but also has alleviated many emotional,energetic and karmic blocks. She is a truly transformative healer, mentor, and teacher that has helped me immensely on the path to Self discovery.

I first signed up for the Yoga in Sculpture Garden, and it was wonderful…I’ve continued with all of the yoga classes at the Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA), and my love for yoga and art together continues to grow. Brianna always brings something new to class, and I love walking away from class having learned a little more about the art housed just down the street from me.
-Michelle, BMA Member & Yoga at the BMA Participant

The opportunity to spend time meditating and practicing yoga in the [BMA] galleries is truly unique and special. Brianna has a wonderful inclusive way of teaching and leading her classes which makes all of us feel capable. Despite my beginner status I felt welcomed and truly developed skills over the initial 6 weeks of classes.
-Linda, Yoga at the BMA Participant

[Yoga at the BMA] is a wonderful addition to our programs and we are so lucky to have you, someone who is so trusted by all, to lead the classes!
-Deputy Director, The Baltimore Museum of Art