May they be well. May they be free from suffering.

Since my post last week the earth has literally shifted beyond comprehension. What has unfolded and continues to unfurl in Japan is simply overwhelming.  My heart goes out to those who are actively undergoing these experiences and I wish them healing and light with every exhalation of my breath.
Years ago on September 11th, when I was alone in a brand new city, I turned to Yoga as a way to have an immediate community.  During times like these, when the world is more out of control then normal, I actively try to draw my students together – chanting as one voice palm to interconnected palm.
It makes me uncomfortable, in fact it scares me to do it but at these moments I teach prayer anyway.  I think at times like these, it is too important not to – basically it is worth being uncomfortable for.
Last night, my beginning students stood in a circle. One palm to the next chanting with the intention of generating healing for those with them and those in Japan. We imagined filling the circle with light, filling ourselves with light, and then sending that energy we created over the water to Japan. After all, energy moves with intention: “May they be well, may they be free from suffering.”
There is a feeling that comes over a room when it shifts into “like mind.” It is a beautiful and distinct energy and one that I recognize immediately in a group that I am leading. It happened last night, like I said – leading prayer, it is worth being uncomfortable for.