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Individual Sessions with Brianna are 60 minutes | $150

After an initial session, many students choose to work with Brianna in a deeper way.  If this calls to you, she is happy to speak to you about an individualized program:

Brianna sees limited clients in order to provide the highest level of care to those she chooses to work with. After an initial appointment she will craft a healing plan and partner with select students on their personal path to wholeness.

“Thank you for all the endless work you have done on yourself. How lucky I am to benefit from it.”

With over 15 years of experience, Brianna is a compassionate and effective healer who can give you a fully individualized and transformational experience. There is no “one size fits all” approach to your healing – every client has unique needs, and Brianna creates a plan for healing that meets those needs.

Brianna is happy to answer your questions. It will help her determine whether you’re a good fit for her healing practice. Work with Brianna often includes a mixture of healing arts. Some frequently asked questions follow:

I’ve never heard of Reiki. What is it?

Reiki is 100% safe and totally natural. No side effects are noted. Although a simple energetic practice, Reiki energy is deeply healing, relaxing, and nourishing.

During a Reiki session you will remain fully clothed.  This work does not involve massage. Instead the Reiki energy is channeled through light touch or by hands hovering just above the body. Over the years Brianna has offered thousands of Reiki Sessions and instructed hundreds of Reiki trainees. She has a deep knowledge of this energetic work through her diligent practice.

Reiki is now recognized and used by hospitals around the world. Because of Reiki’s complementary nature, Brianna believes that Reiki should be part of a person’s healing plan in a clinical setting. Brianna worked with clinicians at the University of Maryland Medical Center’s Department of Integrative Medicine as a Reiki, Hypnotist and Yogi and has observed the value of Reiki in a clinic setting first hand.

What is Healing Hypnosis?

Healing Hypnosis helps you release fears and beliefs that limit you. Brianna’s hypnotic work allows you to challenge negative self-esteem, resolve personal traumas, release outmoded habits, and empower you to change negative beliefs forever.

The major difference between hypnotic and waking states is brain waves. You often experience these brain waves right before you sleep. While you’re in control of your faculties the entire time, hypnosis gives you the ability to open up to change, allowing you to heal and rejuvenate yourself.

How Do I Start?

Brianna always starts with a consultation. You can contact her via email and she’ll set up a phone chat with you.

What Type of Contract or Commitment is Involved?

Brianna offers individual sessions for $150 or Packages of 6 sessions for $750 ($125 ea.). Sessions are 60 minutes.

There is no autopay or autorenewal program.

“You have been central in my healing and growth.”