Yoga is a healing practice

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Yoga is a healing practice and a remarkable one to interweave into your daily life. Although a lot of emphasis has been placed on the harder and hotter styles of Yoga at its base it is a healing practice of self-care.  The most challenging and simplest pose in Yoga is Savasana (corpse pose) where you rest on your back, holding stillness, and remaining present.


The girl began to move,
             simple and slow
                     quiet and reflective



By definition Yoga is a healing practice of Peace. Be kind to yourself always.

If at anytime in your practice of Yoga something becomes sharp and painful it is time to back off. Yoga is not meant to cause harm. It is a practice of Ahimsa (non-harming), so if for example you are hurting your back – if you are harming yourself – it is no longer Yoga.

Practice with the intention of inner peace, come to stillness and remain mindful of the body’s whisperings. By listening deeply to yourself your personal practice of Yoga can evolve with you.  It is a vast system of healing, and one of the best things about a 5,000 year old tradition, is there are a lot of options.

Remember to breathe deeply during your practice. The breath and the practice of Pranayama (breath work) is one of the most powerful aspects of the practice. As you hold stillness in these postures consciously turn your focus to the wave of your breath. One of the most healing breaths is Deep Belly Breathing, the longer, smoother and slower, that you can make your breath the more healing it will become.

Light and Healing to you!