Healing Yoga Practice

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This simple and healing Yoga practice led by Brianna Bedigian and accompanied by Baltimore Symphony Cellist Kristin Ostling is a wonderful way to take care of yourself.


cello_senseiYoga is a practice of peace.

Try to relax as you hold each of these postures. Let your breath deepen and bring your focus to the waves of your breath rolling in and out.  Give yourself permission to rest deeply as you follow Brianna’s gentle voice and the soothing sounds of the Cello.

Download: Healing Yoga Practice Instructions for Constructed Relaxation, Supported Bridge, Supine Bound Angle, and Gentle Twist.

Dedicate time to your practice every day – if only for a handful of moments.  Mindfulness or heartfulness practices have a cumulative effect. The more you practice the more likely it is that the practice will transform you. Healing takes time,  patience, and a willingness to undergo the process. Brianna jokes that healing is not for sissies. Healing takes effort but with practice and time you have the power to evolve yourself.

As you go through this Healing Yoga practice be mindful that nothing should be sharp or painful. Remember you are your own expert: Not all exercise is suitable for everyone. As with any exercise program if you feel discomfort you should stop immediately. You are responsible for exercising within  your personal limits.  Brianna Bedigian is not responsible for any injuries that may result from any exercises/postures shown in this video.