Your Anxiety

4 Week Semi-Private Yoga Series: Yoga for Your Anxiety

I am so anxious – I just need to relax!

Isn’t it wonderful that it is impossible to experience relaxation and anxiety at the same time? These two feelings rest at the opposite end of your nervous system. Each producing, in their turn, completely opposite and far-reaching physiological reactions, reactions that you cannot experience at the same time. If you are relaxed then you are not anxious – simple but powerful, right?

The question then becomes: “how do you get there? How on earth do you  *%*$* relax?!?!”


There are several steps in learning to relax. First, it will take practice. Second, it will require effort. But a little scientific knowledge, coupled with personal practice, really do go a LONG way. That is why cultivating relaxation in your daily life is such a powerful tool to offsetting your anxiety. During this series you will be introduced to a myriad of practices. Each practice will be presented to you in a structured and logical way.

What does the series include?

  • Four classes that interweave: discussion, postures, dynamic movement, breath work, meditation, chanting, progressive relaxation, Aromatherapy, Reiki, and sound healing with crystal signing bowls.
  • All needed props for weekly practices at the studio.
  • Homework to include: personal practice, readings, and online modules*.

4 Tuesdays, February 2nd to 23rd*
6:30pm to 8:00pm
Class is limited to 5 people
*Registration by January 20th is required.

Classes will be held at Brianna’s private office: 102 South Main Street, Davidson, NC.