Yoga in Davidson

Yoga is a three part practice of postures, conscious breathing and meditation; a five thousand year old tradition that enables you to balance and integrate your body, mind and spirit. In recent years modern science has documented Yoga’s healing and transformative powers on a number of different levels, including everything from managing stress to increasing strength. The practice of Yoga can:

  • Increase your Flexibility
  • Balance your Mood
  • Release your stress
  • Heighten your ability to focus
  • Create space in your life for Compassion
  • Teach you to breathe fully and deeply

What makes Brianna’s Yoga classes particularly special is her focus on creating a deeply relaxing and healing experience for her students. To do this, she interweaves Yoga’s three part practice with the healing touch of Reiki, and the meditative aspects of Hypnosis, crafting a singular experience from her unique understanding of these healing arts. It is her hope that as her student learns to breathe through their pose they will also learn to breathe fully and deeply throughout their life.

In addition to Private Yoga lessons – which are a wonderful way to deepen your practice –  Brianna also offers yoga retreats and workshops at her boutique studio in Davidson and at other studios around the country. To learn more visit her Calendar