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Individual Sessions with Brianna are 60 minutes | $125

After an initial session, many students choose to work with Brianna in a deeper way.  If this calls to you, she is happy to speak to you about an individualized program:

People who choose Brianna as a healing partner make the decision to undergo a process of deep, personal healing and inevitable transformation. They’re looking for someone to help them heal and are ready to do the work. Recognized as an expert in the healing community Brianna is ready  to help you heal yourself.

Brianna sees limited clients in order to provide the highest level of care to those she chooses to work with. After an initial appointment she will craft a healing plan and partner with select students on their personal path to wholeness.

“Thank you for all the endless work you have done on yourself. How lucky I am to benefit from it.”

Whether you currently realize it or not YOU have the ability to deal with and move past your emotional and physical pain. You have the ability to heal yourself and come to a place of personal center and wellness.  In order to do this, you will need a sense of presence, willingness, and a commitment to follow through – and you’ll need to work with the right partner. A teacher who cares about you, is compassionate and knows what you need is critical to your progress and your healing.

With 15 years of experience, Brianna is a compassionate and effective healer who can give you a fully individualized and transformational experience. There is no “one size fits all” approach to your healing – every client has unique needs, and Brianna creates a plan for healing that meets those needs.

“Thank you for guiding me to the light!!!”

Brianna is happy to answer your questions. It will help her determine your healing plan and whether you’re a good fit for her healing practice. A healing plan often includes:

  • Healing Hypnosis This isn’t your ordinary hypnosis. Healing hypnosis can allow you to rid yourself of beliefs that no longer serve you, get rid of your fears and transcend emotional pain.
  • Reiki By releasing completely and relaxing, you can enter a state where several intensely energetic shifts can happen. These shifts will increase well being physically and emotionally and will offer mental clarity.
  • Yoga This ancient practice will be completely tailored to your needs and can bring peace of mind and presence to your life.

I’ve never heard of Reiki. What is it?

Reiki is a deeply healing and spiritual practice that you have to experience to understand. It’s 100% safe and totally natural. No side effects are noted.

Reiki is now recognized and used by hospitals around the world. Because of Reiki’s complementary nature, Brianna believes that Reiki should be part of a person’s healing plan in a clinical setting. Brianna worked with clinicians at the University of Maryland Medical Center’s Department of Integrative Medicine as a Reiki, Hypnotist and Yogi and has observed the value of Reiki in a clinic setting first hand.

Reiki sessions do not involve massage, but incorporate light touch, relaxation and energy healing to accomplish whatever results you need. Over the years Brianna has instructed hundreds of Reiki trainees and has a deep knowledge of this energetic practice.

What is Healing Hypnosis?

Healing Hypnosis helps you release fears and beliefs that limit you. Brianna’s hypnotic work allows you to challenge negative self-esteem, resolve personal traumas, release outmoded habits, and empower you to change negative beliefs forever.

The major difference between hypnotic and waking states is brain waves. You often experience these brain waves right before you sleep. While you’re in control of your faculties the entire time, hypnosis gives you the ability to open up to change, allowing you to heal and rejuvenate yourself.

How Do I Start?

Brianna always starts with a consultation. You can contact her via email and she’ll set up a phone chat with you. From there, the next step is creating a healing plan that works for you. Then Brianna will schedule a session with you.

What Type of Contract or Commitment is Involved?

When you work with a physician, you’re often given a prescription. You may find that if you only use half of your prescription and discard the rest, you experience a “relapse” or “secondary infection.”

Healing work is the same way – consistency is important! Brianna is always willing to chat about affordability and flexibility of sessions, but just a few sessions and a long pause won’t allow you to heal completely. Consistency is key! Her most successful clients are those who have entered into a contract of accountability.

If you’re ready to move past the limiting beliefs and pain in your life, Brianna is an excellent option for you. Talk to her today!

“You have been central in my healing and growth.”