Restorative Yoga Davidson

Restorative Yoga is a deeply nurturing and healing practice.  It is a powerful tonic for the overtaxed mind, the overwhelmed heart, or the stressed spirit. It is also a particularly therapeutic form of practice and is useful in the recovery of physical ailments. Here is a video of a simple yet powerful restorative pose!

Out beyond the idea of right doing or wrongdoing, there is a field,
I will meet you there.
~ Rumi

This style of yoga is appropriate for students of all levels – both beginner and advanced yoga students and those at various levels of physical fitness. Often we’re led to believe that the more physically demanding the yoga, the greater the therapeutic properties. Restorative yoga shows us this simply isn’t so. By practicing you’ll experience and understand the powerful healing and relaxing properties that make restorative yoga unique.

Restorative Yoga utilizes props such as blocks, blankets and straps to allow the body to release and relax completely. This practice is very beneficial but is especially supportive to those in the process of actively healing.

Please dress in layers for these sessions as your body temperature drops in the meditative states. Socks, long sleeve shirts, and full length pants, are recommended for this quieting practice. Come ready to deeply relax – even sleep – as Restorative Yoga Postures are often accompanied by long periods of rest according to the principles of the practice.

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