Reiki Training Level 2

Reiki Training (Level II)

Reiki II is the second of the three-part Reiki Training Program offered by Brianna.

In  Reiki I you had the opportunity to explore Reiki as a self-healing tool.  During the Reiki II training you will build-on and expand your understanding of self-practice.  This deepening of your personal practice will prepare you to effectively offer Reiki out to others.

This training will introduce you to three of the five Reiki Symbols and empower you to utilize them in your sessions.  You will also explore the concept of Distance Work – and learn a simple, beautiful, and meditative way to connect with others and offer them Reiki.

Regardless of whether you plan to work with others professionally – Deepening your connection to Reiki is a wonderful form of self-care. One of the remarkable things about Reiki is that at its base it is self-healing tool and its practice provides an effective way to balance your body, mind, and spirit.

Reiki Master Brianna Bedigian has trained over a hundred Reiki  practitioners in her 10+ years in practice. She loves to offer this training and help others on the path of self-healing.

Prerequisites for training Reiki Training Level 2: Reiki I