Light to you.

When one massacres so many the ripple, the effect, is felt.
Today, as an offering to those families who are actively undergoing what we can barely think about, I want you take a moment and create a sincere ripple of light.
What do I mean by that?  Here is a list of ideas to get you started:
  • Hug someone with the intention of truly being present (Hug it Out)
  • Surprise someone with a phone call. Someone you know will start to speak with a smile the moment they realize it’s you (personally I have found that elderly relatives are always good for this).
  • Make your family a beautiful dinner. Nothing fancy, just a meal with a lot of love in it.
  • Do a Big favor for someone with no expectation of return.
  • Play with your children or help out a friend with theirs.
  • Donate something, anything: time, money, clothing, furniture, etc.
  • Buy the guy in line behind you his cup of coffee. Even it is a skinny extra hot three shot latte.
Today, take some time to practice living from the space of your authentic awakened heart.  Channel an Elephant if you need some more inspiration:
Compassion is not reserved for offspring alone in elephant society. Elephants appear to make allowances for other members of their herd. Observers noted that one African herd always traveled slowly because one of its members had never recovered from a broken leg. And in another case, a park warden reported a herd that traveled slowly because one female was carrying around a dead calf. One perplexing report was of an adult elephant making repeated attempt to help a baby rhinoceros stuck in the mud. She continued to try to save the baby rhino despite the fact that its mother charged her each time. Risking her life for the sake of an animal that is not her own, not related to her, or even her own species is remarkably altruistic in nature.
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