Healing Footstep to Footstep


Healing Footstep to Footstep is for anyone suffering with an illness – emotional, spiritual or physical. The willingness and intention to heal despite exhaustion and pain are often absent in stories of healing journeys. The reality is that healing begins one step at a time, often slowly and with acceptance of the self. Through storytelling, recipes, yoga lessons and meditation exercises, Brianna takes us on a journey of Self, where all healing begins. So take a moment, quiet yourself, breathe deep, turn the pages of this beautiful book and enter the world of the Old Woman and the Girl where all healing is possible.

Brianna is an author, artist, and foremost, a healer. Penned over 11 years, Healing Footstep to Footstep serves as an abstract personal journey into healing and rejuvenation. After being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Brianna returned to her home state of Maine and dug deep to create and undergo her own healing process, chronicled through journaling and photography. After her recovery and years of optimum health, Brianna looked back and reflected on the narrative that unfolded. One step at a time, footstep to footstep, her healing occurred over time – Brianna realized her recorded journal entries served as an abstract primer of sorts for others suffering from any type of illness.


Each recipe, instruction and story in Healing Footstep to Footstep can be used separately or in conjunction to create a full picture of health and healing. As a healer, Brianna’s intention is not only to chronicle her own journey to healing, but to aid others in achieving a state of center, calm and good health through this mosaic.

Healing Footstep to Footstep will be released by Beech Hill Publishing Company on April 25, 2017! You can pre-order your cute self a copy on Amazon right now!

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