Healing a Broken Heart Through Yoga

broken heart yogaHi everyone! I’m Amber (Dharam Preet). You may have met me in one of Brianna’s classes or in my own Tuesday night class at Quiet Winds. If you’ve subscribed to our newsletter, you may already know something about Yoga to Heal a Broken Heart -I am excited for this opportunity to tell you a little more about the class, and my motivations for offering it.

Like many people these days, if I am not being mindful,  I am someone who bottles up emotion. Personally, I am all for the requisite few days of wallowing when I’m not feeling well emotionally – but it’s the days after the wallowing that are confusing for me. It is like, okay, I am finished crying: What now? Being sad forever isn’t an option, so what happens when we’re through the initial broken-heart stages?

A number of years ago, I had a very significant relationship end badly for me. The “just getting through it” part of the grief was easy, but I knew after a year or so that I needed something else. I needed to really clean out my closets emotionally and find something that would change the way I perceived this event in my life. I didn’t necessarily need my grief to have meaning, though I did feel it was leading me somewhere. That’s how I found Kundalini Yoga.

Like many people I know, one class of Kundalini Yoga was all I needed – I was sold. Hatha and other forms of yoga are fantastic, but Kundalini gives me a workout and a spiritual buzz emotionally, spiritually, and physically. That’s Kundalini.

When I did my teacher training, we did  a very intense heart chakra meditation (we’ll use it if you sign up for the class!). At the end of that practice many of my old stored emotions were brought up and released. It was one of the most powerful, most liberating experiences of my life.

Later, when I received my spiritual name: “Dharam Preet” – The beloved one who walks the path of the Dharma. I struggled with my name at first, but with time, I realized this is exactly who I am – The Beloved who walks the path. There was a lesson in this for me – losing love didn’t mean I was any less the beloved, or a person capable of walking my own path. Many other personal realizations came with that …

… Which brings me to my key point. Pain is a powerful teacher. If you’re still holding on to something, if you’re ready to release what you may have blocked off due to trauma, come see me. We’ll work through it together!

Yoga to Heal A Broken Heart runs February 15, 2014 – March 8, 2014 Saturdays, from 4:00-6:00 PM. Note this is strictly a yoga practice and NOT related at all to psychotherapy or psychological practices/pursuits.

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