Guided Meditation: Cello and Chakra Meditation

This simple 15-minute guided meditation is a wonderful way to release and relax deeply. Rest is so important for renewal. Remember you cannot share from an empty cup. Take time to nurture yourself. You deserve it!

Be sure to make yourself comfortable for this practice. Allow yourself to come to rest completely. This is a passive practice, one where your main objectives are resting comfortably while focusing on the Cello and Brianna’s voice as it guides you through:

  • activating each of the Chakras through voice and hand placements.
  • relaxing deeply
  • balancing the Chakras through color visualization
  • closing the practice.

The amazing Kristin Ostling is playing the Cello during this recording.

This video features a Cello and Chakra Meditation /visualization exercises that render it inappropriate for use while driving or operating heavy machinery. By choosing to watch/listen to them you agree to hold Brianna Bedigian completely harmless of any liability.